Abu Dhabi To Get The World’s Largest Snow Park

It is impossible not to get excited about this. The UAE us getting a brand new snow park very soon, and will be the largest in the world, and is due to open next year.

Four times the size of Ski Dubai’s snow park in Mall of the Emirates, the new ‘chilled’ out destination that will open in 2020 in Abu Dhabi, is spread over 125,000 square feet and will feature 13 cool rides and attractions including Snowflake Garden, Flurries’ Mountain and Crystal Carousel.

Irrelevant of the temperatures outside, inside the snow park, called Snow Abu Dhabi, will be a freezing -2 degrees Celsius, where you can play in 50 centimetre-deep snow, build a snowman and enter the amazing and confusing ice maze.

The major attraction of this snow park will be the summit of Flurries’ Mountain, where you will get a view of the entire park from the top. 

Shane Eldstrom, CEO of Al Farwaniya Property Developer says, “With an incredible story and stunning visual attractions, Snow Abu Dhabi will deliver truly enchanting experiences for the whole family. The activities and environments will work together, allowing guests to make new discoveries and experience shared memories, while creating a destination to which they wish to return again and again.”

The project is part of Reem Island’s new $1.2 billion mall development, due to open in late 2020.

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