Swap Your Plastic Bottles For Reusable Ones For Free Here And More

Are you concerned about the environment? Do you know there is more plastic in the ocean than fish and mass deforestation is taking a toll on our ecological system?

If you care, and want to do something but don’t know where to start, you can head to Time Square Center and be a part of their activities to promote sustainability.

The mall has dedicated the Holy Month to create awareness about depleting standards of our environment and how we can incorporate eco-friendly activities in our lives.

This is being carried out through a series of activities.

There are free workshops for children imparting knowledge on the dangers of single-use plastic, the benefits of recycling and how best to manage food waste. There will be more free workshops for the next generation of adults on how to live a sustainable life and contribute to a healthier eco-system.

It’s a great opportunity to swap your single-use plastic water bottles with a free reusable water bottle.

Collected plastic bottles will be recycled into garments with the help of DGRADE and the SIMPLY BOTTLES initiative.

Here’s the detailed activity schedule

Rethink Single-use plastic : Education on the dangers of single-use plastic
Until 4 June  
4.30pm to 8.30pm

Children’s Recycling Workshops: Sharing knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.
Until 4 June
4.30pm to 8.30pm

Complimentary gahwa, dates and henna
Until 4th June 2019
Henna - 4.00pm t0 8.00pm

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