An Indian Expatriate Tragically Passed Away Following Surgery

In a tragic turn of events, Betty Rita Fernades, an Indian expatriate, lost her life allegedly due to complications arising following a hip replacement operation at Al Zahra Hospital.

According to a report the hospital Chief Executive Officer, Mohayem Abdelghany, confirms that the hospital is following the guidelines issued by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Joint Commission International (JCI) in dealing with this case and keeping the family updated all the time.

Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of Health Regulation Sector, said, "The DHA looks into every single case of alleged negligence and/or malpractice stringently. The Health Regulation Sector follows due process in line with international standards to investigate such cases, where a committee of subject matter experts is formed to investigate the case.

Deemed action is taken according to the merit of each case.²

As reported by a local newspaper, the patient was 42, a mother of two and ran a successful home baking business by the name of 'Betty¹s Cake Tales'

The family has filed a complaint against the hospital and the case is under review.

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