World’s Most Expensive Perfume Is On Display in Dubai Mall

Struggling for a gift idea for the most important lady in your life? What more appropriate a Mother’s Day gift for the person who is always there for you, than a bottle of the most expensive perfume in the world.

The most expensive (and exclusive) perfume in the world will be on display up to 30 March at The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue as part of its Art+ series.

The perfume, Shumukh, priced at a staggering Dhs 4.752 million, is described as resonating with ‘The Spirit of Dubai’ and embodies the seven key elements of pearl diving, falconry, Arabian horses, roses, luxury, hospitality, along with Dubai’s stature as a ‘city of the future’ in its design.

Manufactured locally by a home-grown perfumery, the perfume comes in a bottle that itself is 1.97 metres tall, and is the only perfume to hold two Guinness World Records.

Meaning ‘deserving the highest’, the bottle is also decorated with 3,571 sparkling diamonds (totalling 38.55 carats), topaz, pearls, 18 carat gold weighing almost 2.5kg, with almost another 6kg of pure silver.

It took over three years and 494 trials to pack the mesmerising scents of amber, sandalwood, musk, rare pure Indian agarwood, pure Turkish rose, patchouli ylang-ylang and frankincense together in a hand-blown Italian Murano glass bottle that has the capacity to hold three litres of perfume.

Dispensing is pretty unique as well and done via a remote-controlled spray machine, that evenly sprays the scent that lasts for 12 hours on the skin and 30 days on fabric.

Asghar Adam Ali, Founder & Chairman of Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies, Master Perfumer and Designer of Shumukh said, “My vision was not only to capture Dubai’s persona in one monumental piece of art, but to also create a fragrance that embodied the pinnacle of luxury in the world of perfumery.”

This looks like a great gift for someone precious in your life, like you mum. And, as Mother’s Day is approaching soon (21 March in the Arabic world) take a quick look here over some of the gift suggestions for your mother.

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