Unlimited Data Plans For UAE Residents

For data hungry customers, Etisalat has launched fantastic plans which will give you unrestricted access to unlimited data. Yes, you heard us right, it does not matter any more if you forgot to connect to Wi-Fi and have watched a whole series on Netflix through your mobile data.

Etisalat’s  new plans are for those who are online constantly. 

Six new plans from the telecoms company include two plans which give you unlimited data ranging from Dhs 500 to Dhs 1,200 a month depending on call minutes and the type of contract you choose.

For those, who can ‘survive’ with 200 GB data ‘only’, there are three plans which will cost you Dhs 200, Dhs 250 or Dhs 300 a month without a contract and depending on how many call minutes you need.

All the plans, called Freedom, come with six months free access to Apple music, and six months free access to movie streaming service Starzplay.

Too good to be true? Take a look for yourselves etisalat.ae


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