Good Conduct Certificate For Teachers

According to a new rule announced by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), school teachers in Dubai now need to get a good conduct certificate from the previous country they were working in, to obtain a federal UAE teacher licence given by the Ministry of Education.

Quoting an example Dr Naji Al Mahdi, Chief of Qualifications and Awards in Dubai at KHDA, said, “If an Indian expat, who was previously working in Singapore, wants to apply for a job in Dubai, we want to know it from Singapore, what do they want to say about the applicant.”

“Whether a teacher or school leader who wants to work in any school in Dubai, they have to get an approval from the KHDA and this is for a number of good reasons. One is to ensure when a teacher joins a school, they are competent enough to teach their own subject, and they are suitable enough to be in a school. We would require things like police reports [of good conduct],” Dr Al Mahdi said.
“If they are an expat, if they are working in country A or country B, and now they came here [to Dubai], we require a good conduct certificate from country B and maybe from their original country. We are trying to basically ensure for our students, our learners, that safe people are working with them. That’s very important for us.”

As per new rule, for new and existing teachers, at the time of renewals of permits, the good conduct certificate will be requested.

Teachers can apply easily for the permit online and get it within 48 hours.

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