Tourist Racks Fines Worth Over Dhs 170,000

A British tourist has accumulated a staggering amount of speeding fines in excess of Dhs 170,000 in the course of less than four hours in a hired sports cars. The tourist rented a Lamborghini Huracan worth Dhs1.3m on 30 July from a car hire compny and was caught exceeding the speed limit on Sheikh Zayed Road between 2.30-6am on 31 July on 33 separate occassions.

As well as exceeding the speed limit on Sheikh Zayed Road, the supercar also touched 240 kmh on multiple occassions, accumulating speeding tickets worth Dhs 70,000 for the violations and further fines of Dhs 100,520 to retrieve the car from the police pound.

Under UAE traffic laws, the fine for exceeding the speed limit by more 60 kmh stands at Dhs 2,000, along with 12 traffic points and a 30-day car confiscation.

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