Dubai Teen Puts UAE School On The World Map

Vishnumaya Deepakchandran, a ninth grade student at GEMS Modern Academy has put the name of his school on the world map after beating more than 3,000 students from 55 countries to win the prestigious World Scholar’s Cup in the junior category.

The event held in Barcelona, Spain, had students competing in four main sections including essay writing, debating, an individual general knowledge quiz and a team quiz.

In the writing segment, participants were asked to write a creative essay, while in the individual and team quiz they faced more than 120 questions on literature, science, social studies, history, art and music.

While the 13 year old Vishnumaya brought the prestigious cup home, his teammates Abhay Sharma, Muktha Kaja and Rohit Vivek - also students at GEMS Modern Academy - won the world championship team trophy in the junior category.

As they say, winners are not built in a day, Vishnumaya spent the past few months practising debating, research and tough general knowledge quizzes every day.

"Winning the top position was a great feeling," Vishnumaya said. "I was representing my school, my team, and my country."

"I feel like my hard work has paid off and I’m also happy I was able to make my school and my coach proud."

The World Scholar's Cup is an international competition which focuses on bringing young minds together from all corners of the globe to discuss the burning issues of the day.

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