Public transport users to be fined

Public transport users to be fined

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has implemented a campaign to catch passengers breaking rules on public transport. There have so far been 61 offences relating to violations of the use of these facilities.

“The field teams deployed by the Public Transport Agency have spotted 61 offences during the said campaign such as the illegal affixing of ads to air-conditioned shelters for waiting for bus riders, and eating or drinking in bus shelters, throwing wastes or any act that cause damages to these facilities and other violations. Offences spotted also included placing feet on seats and smoking at public transport modes,” said Abdullah Al Mahri, Director of Transport Activities Monitoring at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

“This campaign undertaken by the Public Transport Authority aims to protect the civilized & gorgeous appearance of Dubai and the tourist profile of the sector to raise customers’ satisfaction with these transit means and services. So it was imperative to carry out such a campaign to monitor the negative practices on the part of users, and curb the resulting losses,” he added.

Selected fines include:

Eating and Drinking in areas where eating and drinking are not allowed. AED 100
Putting feet on seats. AED 100
Using public transport modes, facilities and services or entering / existing fare zones without paying the due fare. Dhs 200
 Failure to present a Nol Card upon request. Dhs 200
Smoking inside public transport modes, facilities and services. Dhs 200
Sleeping in passengers bus shelters or in undesignated places. Dhs 300
Spitting, littering, or performing any act that would compromise the cleanness of Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services. AED 200
Misuse of the emergency buttons AED 2000
Damaging, vandalising or destroying equipment or seats on Public Transport and Public Transport Facilities and Services. AED 2000

For a full list of fines see here

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