McDonald’s milkshakes make a comeback

McDonald’s milkshakes make a comeback

McDonald’s UAE has announced the return of its popular milkshake, which will be available in all stores starting 12 August 2017. The milkshake was introduced to the UAE for the first time in 2016 for a limited time only. After taking to social media to rally for its return, McDonald’s UAE customers will now be able to enjoy this sweet treat once again.

The reason they stopped serving milkshakes according to the McDonald’s Arabia website:

There’ll be two new flavours for the UAE, strawberry and Chocolate-Oreo®, a fun twist on the original chocolate milkshake sprinkled with Oreo®. Made with a blend of classic soft serve ice cream, milk and mix-ins, customers can now enjoy milkshakes for only Dhs 11 and upgrading the drink in their favourite meals for AED 5.

Health and fitness fans should be wary as the strawberry shake contains 380 calories. According to the McDonald’s Arabia website ingredients for their ice cream include:

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