Furry Friends Looking For Loving Homes

Furry Friends Looking For Loving Homes

38smiles is a non-profit animal rescue group that was created in 2012. Since day one the founder and a group of likeminded people have been trying their very best to help the stray animals of Dubai.

Meet Fat Frankie

Hello, I’m Fat Frankie, I’m a big boy who likes cuddles and to roll over on my back and act goofy. Until February last year I was a happy garden cat enjoying chasing the birds and insects and sleeping on the patio. One day my life changed forever. I wasn’t feeling well and was very quiet, in pain and soaked in my own bloody pee. The vet diagnosed "Feline Urinary Track Syndrome" or "Feline Idiopathic Cystitis" in other words I had crystals that were causing obstruction and I was unable to pee but my bladder was full so was constantly leaking urine which was mixed with blood. I had to spend a week at the vet. When I was allowed to go home the problem was the ‘’home and life’’ I knew, was no longer an option as I had to be on a special diet for the rest of my life, in order for this to never happen again. I spent a while looking for a foster until a young lady offered to look after me, and for about a year she was my very best friend. But unfortunately she left Dubai and now I’m stuck in a tiny cage waiting yet again to find a best friend.

I don’t really like it here and would love to be loved once again, and if possible forever this time. I’m very talkative and must always eat this special ''urinary'' food, but apart from that I’m super easy going.

My condition might sound scary but it's actually not, since FUTS is more common that one would think. A lot of companies produce cat food that will support/prevent the condition. Most foods produce alteration of the urine pH. They also may contain antioxidants and supplemental, omega-3 fatty acids. Simple diet and plenty of water and I've been healthy now for over a year. My condition is considered a very treatable disease in most cases. Some cats experience only one FIC episode and never look back. For others lifelong diet is required, I prefer to eat my special food and stay on the safe side.

Here’s me in a nutshell
Name: Frankie
Breed: Arabian Mau
Age: 3.5years
Character: Cuddly gentle giant, very talkative
Favourite food: Royal Canine Urinary dry and wet food

Meet Diego???????

My name is Diego and I am a “fun loving criminal”. I have an amazing foster home where I get to take naps on the sofa and sleep on the bed at night, I have other dogs as friends and I get to go and have fun at Dubai Bark Park, but don’t be fooled, my life hasn’t always been this great.

I was living in a construction site and just before I was going to be rescued DM took me away. Luckily for me 38smiles did not give up on me, and got me released from the pound and placed in a foster home.

Since than its been an amazing journey of learning how to be a pet and enjoying life, there is only one missing puzzle piece and that’s my forever family.

Here's me in a nutshell
Name: Diego
Age: 18 months
Breed: Husky & Shepherd & Desert Dog
Personality: Giant goof ball, with heart of gold and taste for adventures. I do get bored easily so long walks, learning new tricks and games and having a big family would be my wish.

If you can help save a life by fostering email info@38smiles.com

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