Furry Friends Looking For Loving Homes

Furry Friends Looking For Loving Homes

38smiles is a non-profit animal rescue group that was created in 2012. Since day one the founder and a group of likeminded people have been trying their very best to help the stray animals of Dubai.

Meet Minnie

A 3 year old Arabian Mau fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. Minnie is an adorable, loving Arabian Mau. She is a little shy at first but once she feels safe she comes out of her shell. She’s got quiet a personality and gets along well with other cats. Minnie has food allergies (just like humans animals can have food allergies too). She is allergic to all kinds of birds: chicken, duck and turkey which is commonly found in almost all pet foods. Minnie used to have red & itchy spots on her skin which she would lick raw but after doing a blood test and discovering what was the cause for her skin issues, we started Minnie on a single protein diet built around fish and venison. Since changing her diet we have been able to control her condition with 95% success without any medication (she still gets the occasional skin rash due to stress or we suspect eating somebody else's dinner).

Meet Mars & Twix

Arabian Mau kittens 5 months old, fully vaccinated and microchipped.Mars and Twix, known as the candy bar gang, are ready to brighten up someone’s life with crazy fresh kitten energy.We are wild and free young cowboys, we run this show and we are available for adoption. We know how to make things disappear like food for example and we are into extreme sports like jumping off the wardrobe, bouncing off the frame on the wall and landing on all fours. Jokes aside if someone had seen us when first rescued they would not believe we are the same kittens now.

Meet Bailey

Desert Dog, 8 months, fully vaccinated including kennel cough and microchipped. Bailey has overcome so many obstacles: injuries, insecurities, last minute failed adoptions, the groomers and has blossomed into the perfect dog.

Bailey loves:
• dogs
• cats
• humans 
• attention
• belly rubs 
• playtime
• treats
• to learn
• to sunbathe

Bailey hates:
• nothing, he is all about “make love not war” 

Perfect Bailey is up for adoption and whoever opens their home and hearts for Bailey will be truly blessed to have him as a family member.

Meet Sid

Swiss Shepherd mix, 6 years old, fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Sid is a sweet gentle giant. He’s a lovely dog that gets along with people small and big and with other dogs as well. In other words Sid is the perfect family dog.

If you can help save a life by fostering email info@38smiles.com

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