This Restaurant Is Offering A Completely Vegan Iftar

Vegans rejoice! This one’s just for you. No more scouring through Iftar buffets for hummus and settling on simple salads, this vegan Iftar is totally catered to you.

“Iftar is the time when we all get together with family and friends to enjoy a healthy meal. Rove Healthcare City has agreed to provide us with a purely vegan Iftar,” said Will Rankin, one of the organisers of the event.

“We would love people of all faiths and creeds to join us at the Iftar, and leave feeling satisfied and perhaps a little more enlightened,” Rankin concluded.

You can expect a menu of completely vegan dishes crafted for vegans and aspiring vegans served buffet style for just Dhs 99.

The Iftar is hosted by Dubai Vegan Days on Saturday 9 June at 7pm at Rove Healthcare City.

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