Win with YaYa Vitamins

YaYa Vitamins is giving three Connector readers the chance to win a three month supply.

Win with YaYa Vitamins

YaYa Vita-C is just what kids need at this time of year. The combination of Vitamin C and Zinc is a great way to fight colds and flu, and will hopefully keep your children in, not out of school until the next holidays.

Benefits of Vitamin C

Required for the formation of connective tissues, intracellular material and playing a role in wound healing, Vitamin C maintains resistance for infection, improves immunity defences against common infection such as cold, flu and cough and aids iron absorption.

Benefits of Zinc

Used for boosting the immune system treating the common cold, recurrent ear infections and preventing respiratory infections. Zinc also aids the transportation of Vitamin A, and supports healthy gums and teeth.

YaYa Vitamins are flavoured with real fruit juices and come in the form of chewable animal shaped gums. They are also free from preservatives, artificial colours, gelatin, egg, milk, soy, peanuts and tree nuts. Each tamper-proof bottle contains 60 vitamins, sufficient for a one-month supply.

YaYa Vitamins, the market leader in gummy vitamins, are available at leading pharmacies across the UAE and are priced from Dhs 59. YaYa helps your child look forward to taking vitamins and reassures parents their kids are getting the nutrients they need.

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Each YaYa vitamins bottle contains how many tablets good for one month supply?

Answer: 60

  • Nadia Alzouabi
  • Rola Al Batta
  • Clara Anthony Neela

Prizes must be collected by 31 May 2017

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